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Hobbing tool holders

ColletCollet ER08
RapportRapport 1:1
RPM max. 8'000
Degree of inclination ± 1.5°
Position T24-T25
Machine CITIZEN R504-VI
Cooling without
Note A “Servo-Tuning” by FANUC is recommanded
The first start of the tool holder must be made with the
machine manufacturer CITIZEN CINCOM.

Interchangeable options are available on this tool holder:
- Cleat Ø3.5x4 [mm] (Kit tasseau Ø3.5/ER08)
- Cleat Ø3.5x10 [mm] (Kit tasseau Ø3.5 long/ER08)
- Cleat Ø4x4 [mm] (Kit tasseau Ø4/ER08)
- Cleat Ø4.5x4 [mm] (Kit tasseau Ø4.5/ER08)
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