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Hobbing tools holders

RapportRapport 1:1
RPM max. 8'000
Degree of inclination ±1.5°
Position T24-T25
Shank-Ø Ø3.5mm
Machine CITIZEN R04VI/R07-VI
Cooling without
Note Diameter of the mill : Ø 10mm max.
Width of mill cutter : 12 mm max.
3 toolholder 8.5 mm included
A “Servo-Tuning” by FANUC is recommanded
The first start of the tool holder must be made with the
machine manufacturer CITIZEN CINCOM.
Use the motor and covers of the original driven tool.
Possible collision of the bottom of the U-shaped protective plate at 1.5 ° inclination, modification of this plate may be necessary.
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